Healthcare UX

McKesson CPS

The McKesson CPS - Clinical Program Solution App was designed to help Pharmacists and Technicians manage Specialty Medicine and Adherence Counseling programs.

Pharmacy Managers can select programs from a clinical programs portal or create their own custom programs based on specialty medicine programs, patient medical conditions, and therapeutic code classes.

The Pharmacist can use the mobile tablet app to counsel Patients while remote Technicians and Pharmacists can work the same interface from the Enterprise Pharmacy System.

CPS is designed to collapse down to a single column Messaging App on smaller mobile devices and phones.

Healthcare UX

McKesson APS

The McKesson Customer Metrics App was designed to help internal Account Managers help Pharmacy Managers find opportunities to improve areas including Rx Volume, Average Wait Times for an Rx, and Daily Rx Verification volume

Improvements can be made for Large Chain Pharmacies like Wegmans, Outpatient pharmacies, and Independant Small Chain pharmacies.

Customer Metrics expanded into the McKesson APS - Adherence Performance Solution app

Healthcare UX

McKesson Patient Communications

The McKesson Patient Communications App was designed to let Pharmacy Staff contact Patients directly with On-Demand Messages.

On-Demand Messages are used to alert a Patient that their Rx is Ready for Pick-Up, if a Prescriber would need to be contacted, when Insurance needed to be updated, or if Pharmacy Counseling was available.

Robot UX

I am responsible for the Human Robot Interaction design for the iMover STR Industrial Robot
I am a member of a team of Hardware, Software, and Manufacturing Engineers.
The primary UX goals for the robot:
- The robot should be as easy to use as a cell phone
- Approachable and seen as a co-worker
- Cool looking and fun

UX Design

I have designed UX for Enterprise level Software for Robotics, Clinical Adherence and Performance Metrics Apps and Pharmacy Management Systems.

I've found that I get the best results by observing the people using the software that we design to get their jobs done.

You get to see where the successes occur and where you need to improve pretty fast.

I do a lot of conceptual drawing to thumbnail ideas and then move into the computer to build wireframes and prototypes.

I have experience setting up Usability Test labs using Tobii X2-60 eyetrackers as well as on-site usability testing.

Concept Art

Drawing has always been the best way for me to conceptualize an idea.

I can draw my way out of any problem.

This section shows some of the concept drawings I've done as part of my process.


These are some refined color concept illustrations for the iMover STR


You can contact me by email or LinkedIn


Doug Lamperski UX

  • I am interested in ways to make Robotics and Software easier to use and less painful for people.
  • I can quickly adapt to change and am continually learning new ways to design and code.
  • I have over ten years of expertise in user experience and interaction design and specialize in enterprise level robotics and web applications.
  • Experience with on-site and lab-based user testing including eyetracking usability testing.
  • Able to translate complex government regulations like HIPPA, Controlled Substance Tracking and Claim Adjudication standards like NCPDP, Medispan, FDB into easy to use user interfaces.
  • I can draw my way out of any problem


  • Expert Level Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator
  • UX Software: Sketch, Invision, Flinto, XMind, Axure, Framer, Balsamiq, Marvel
  • Usability Testing: Tobii Pro Studio X2-60 Eyetracker, Morae,
  • Video Editing: Premiere, Camtasia
  • 3D Software Experience: 3dMax, Blender, some CAD
  • Coding Experience: HTML5, Laravel/PHP, Learning Angular2, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • VirtualBox, Vagrant, Docker, MySQL, ROS, GitHub, Sublime, iTerm2
  • LED Lighting Display Panel controllers, Raspberry PI3 interfaces
  • MS Office, Visio

User Experience Skills

  • On-site User Task Analysis, One on One interviews, Competitor Analysis
  • Usability testing with Tobii X2-60 Eyetracker
  • Information Architecture, Wireframes, Low and High-Fidelity UX Prototypes, Storyboards, Screen Flow Diagrams, Personas, User Journeys
  • Create Style Guides to allow rapid development of user interface screens.
  • Interviewed, hired and trained new and junior UX Designers and Business Analysts
  • Conduct company-wide UX reviews of user interface designs with customers and product design teams
  • Translate complex industry and regulatory standards into easy to understand user interfaces
  • HIPAA Privacy, NCPDP Claims Processing, FDB/ Medi-Span Drug Pricing, ICD-10 Codes, Inventory, Medicare Part D interfaces
  • Agile Process – JIRA, HP ALM, SVN, GitHub

Professional Experience

Human Robot Interaction Specialist

iMover Corporation 8/17-Present

  • Design UX for Industrial Robots - Goal: Make a robot as easy to use as your phone
  • Industrial /Product Design of Industrial Robotic Forklift Body and Chassis
  • Design of Robot LED Lighting UX displays
  • Color Direction and Design
  • User Interaction Design for Robot Touchscreen Interfaces
  • Trade Show Photo Shoot and Animated Demo Graphics
  • Information Architecture and Wireframe Designs for Angular2 Cloud Based Robot Management System
  • Rapid Code Prototyping of HTML5 User Interface Designs
  • Agile UX Process – Trello, JIRA, Sublime, iTerm2, GitHub

Senior User Interface Design Engineer

McKesson Corporation 7/01 to 8/17

  • Design Enterprise level Pharmacy Management System user interfaces for multiple corporations eventually acquired by McKesson Corporation
  • Lead UI Designer on CPS Agile Team- Clinical Programs Solution Project for Patient Adherence and Counseling.
  • Coded CPS UI frontend using Bootstrap / HTML5, jQuery, and Ember.js.
  • Consulted on UX for next generation AngularJS pharmacy management system.
  • Lead UI Designer on EnterpriseRx, Pharmaserv, and PharmacyRx pharmacy management and POS/Card Swipe Payment systems
  • Customers included: Wegman’s Markets, Target, Mayo Clinic, CVS Pharmacy

Senior Graphic Designer

Blue Fish Labs, LP / Apple Computer, Inc. 7/00 to 4/01

  • Corporate Art Direction, User Interface and Graphic Design for Large Database Backed Web Customers.
  • Coded HTML UI, CSS, JS, Tcl, Ant, Apache Webserver, CVS repository
  • Enabled Apple Computer acquisition of Blue Fish Labs in April 2001

User Interface Designer

Essential Surfing Gear, Inc.11/97 to 7/00

  • Designed and coded HTML user interface for web browser companion software
  • Storyboarded user interface and user interaction use cases
  • Low and High-Fidelity HTML UX Prototypes, screen flow diagrams
  • Conducted Lab based Usability Testing
  • Interviewed and hired HCI user interface candidates.

Senior Graphic Designer

Servistar Coast to Coast Corporation 1/96 to 11/97

  • Responsible for design of monthly advertising for global retail hardware store chain.
  • Art direction, design, illustration and photo coordination. Design of graphics for Servistar Coast to Coast Corporate Website.

Digital Illustrator

Phototypography 1/95 to 7/95

  • Created digital slide presentations for corporate clients including: PPG Inc., Federated Investors, Bayer Corporation.
  • Maintained photographic and scanning hardware and software. Photo manipulation, compositing and color correction.

Digital Illustrator

Artline, Inc. 8/92 to 1/95

  • Line Art Illustration for Kerr Drug retail circular advertisements.
  • Client contact, design, and art and photo direction for print
  • Scanning, color correction, photo manipulation, pre-press
  • Store signage, and TV commercial animation.


  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Welding - Oxy Acetylene, MIG
  • Automotive Repair
  • Carpentry
  • Electronics Assembly and Testing


  • Exceptional Drawing Ability
  • Foundry Metal Casting Experience

1105 Design – Freelance Art Studio

8/91 to Present

  • Created a line of classic VW Graphic T-Shirts
  • Won the Miller Welding Hood Hysteria Contest - Designed winning “Blue Heat” welding helmet at SEMA in fall 2010
  • Designed Race Team Shirts for Full Monty Racing, WA State
  • Created branding and logo for the Medicine Stop Pharmacy


  • Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Character Animation for Games Certificate Program
  • California Institute of the Arts, attended the Character Animation Program, Valencia, CA
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University